"Live One  Day  At  A  Time" 

WELCOME to Lodaat Health...An Ayurvedic Wellness Clinic designed by the Therapists at LODAAT

We are glad that you have taken the first step in Rejuvenating your MIND, BODY, SPIRIT by learning about the alternative medical modalities of :

Herbal Supplements
Ayurvedic Therapies

LODAAT HEALTH is a wellness clinic devoted to CAM (Complimentary Altnernative Medical) Therapies.  We are committed to helping our patients live a fuller, more dynamic lifestyle. 
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Acupressure and Reflexology is a 2,000 year old Indian science passed down from Himalayan Sages and Rishis.  Today, we know that Vedic techniques help support and maintain body functions.  By implementing Herbal supplements, and/or applying pressure to specific points throughout the body, you can elicit neurological responses which have immense benefits including:

·         Support healthy Circulation

·         Increasing Energy

·         Relieving Stress and Anxiety

·         Rejuvenating and Balance your body

·         Support the Immune System

When applied correctly and regularly, Acupressure and Reflexology is able to support and maintain healthy bodily functions.  

At Lodaat Health, our practicitioners administer an ancient vedantic science.  Our therapies are natural.  We do not prescribe unnatural medications.

No chemicals, No Side Effects

Just experience positive energy.

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