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Experienced Credentials on an Ancient science

Ayurveda is a 2,000 year old Indian science passed down from Himalayan Sages and Rishis.  The Ancients knew that Nature has its own mechanism for fighting and curing ailments—They understood  that our bodies are complex machines which have their own ability to heal.


Today, we know that Vedic techniques have been scientifically proven to treat and prevent disease.  By applying pressure to specific points throughout the body, certified Acupressurists and Reflexologists can elicit neurological responses which have immense benefits including:

·         Improving Circulation

·         Increasing Energy

·         Relieving Stress and Anxiety

·         Rejuvenating and Balance your body

·         Strengthening the Immune System

When applied correctly and regularly, Acupressure and Reflexology is able to cure many common  ailments including:

·         Relieve Migrains

·         Relax Back Pain

·         Improve Mental Health

·         Strengthen Lung, Bronchial, Chest tissue

·         Relieve Nervous Exhaustion

·         Improve Sleep

·         Relieve Constipation


Our certified practitioners are reknowned Acupressurists and Reflexologists who have travelled the world---from India, Thailand, China, Nepal, Ghana, Kenya to Indonesia. 

For over 40 years, LODAAT's
 quest to seek and learn pain relief secrets and alternative therapies has resulted in a unique program which heals, and replenishes.  We are dedicated to bridging the gap between an ancient art and modern science.

Our therapists are certified in Chinese reflexology, Thai reflexology and Indian accupressure, and have studied the science of acupressure and reflexology from the esteemed Thai Master Tieng Yampho, from the scholarly work of Dr. Devendra Vora and from reknowned reflexologist Veera Khosla.  On-going education in Vedic philosophy, Aryuvedic techniques, and modern medicine is a part of the our unique approach.

It's our genuine desire to spread the wisdom of ancient naturopathy and help people maintain healthy, productive and happy lives.  We have obtained this knowledge—and we genuinely want to share this gift.  Through our therapies, we are able to elicit a youthfulness that makes one feel 30 years younger.Ramila Khatau, Founder LODAAT Health Clinic

Each gentle reflexology session will work on your hands, feet, head or a combination of all three.  You will feel relaxed and rejuvenated.  Your body’s natural flow will be brought back into re-alignment. 

No chemicals, No Pills, No side-effects.


to see our technique in action, visit our lecture at
The Karnak Wellness Institute:

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